Phygital matter

The power of numbers and their impact on man, once transmuted into information, have always fascinated me. ‘Phygital matter’, a central element of my work, is a unique material that merges the physical world with the digital world. I view information as a form of physical matter. It is this essence, this phygital material, that I exploit and transform in my creations

Arsen Eca

Arsen Eca, a visionary artist in the field of phygital art, has a distinct and innovative perspective on this concept. According to Arsen Eca, phygital art is not simply a fusion of the physical and digital worlds, but rather a profound reinterpretation of how these two dimensions can coexist and interact.

For Arsen Eca, phygital art is a way to explore and question our relationship with technology and reality. It considers that digital information is not a separate entity from the physical world, but an extension of it. In his work, he uses what he calls “phygital matter” to create works that deliberately blur the lines between the tangible and the intangible, the real and the virtual.

Arsen Eca uses technology not only as a tool, but also as an artistic medium in its own right. His phygital works can take a variety of forms, from interactive installations to digital sculptures, and aim to provoke reflection on how digital technologies influence our perception of the world, our communication and our identity.

L'homme qui file

“The Spinning Man” is a work produced in acrylic on canvas. At the heart of this creation is an electronic chip. Connected by radio frequency to a smart contract on the blockchain, this chip holds crucial information about “The spinning man”: his date of death.”

Arsen Eca

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