arseneca Laboratory


ARSENECA and the Metamorphosis Laboratory: When Art and AI Question Reality

In an artistic landscape saturated by clichés and redundancies, Arseneca stands out for her ability to question the very nature of reality. His masterpiece, the ARSENECA Laboratory, is a fascinating example of this quest, where the absurd is confronted with tangible reality, all orchestrated by the magic of artificial intelligence.
Let’s take a moment to visualize this work: a laboratory, clinically modern, buzzing with activity. However, unlike any other traditional laboratory, its foundations are based on an invented premise: metamorphesis. A “science” entirely forged by Arseneca’s imagination, which defies everything we know. And yet, thanks to AI, this fiction is transmuted into a series of palpable and functional experiences and procedures.
The ingenuity of this approach is comparable to a painter imagining a color never before seen and then making it visible on his canvas. Or, a musician inventing a note beyond the audible range, then playing a melody that resonates perfectly in our ears. This is what Arseneca does with the ARSENECA Laboratory: he imagines a science (metamorphesis), then uses AI to materialize it.
But the laboratory goes beyond this simple technical feat. It’s a sharp commentary on our post-truth age. Imagine today’s “fake news” – fabricated narratives that, while unsubstantiated, influence opinions and actions. Arseneca, in a similar approach, creates his own “fake science”, and then, thanks to AI, gives it life and substance. The laboratory then becomes a metaphor for today’s world, where the artificial can easily be accepted as the real, and where our discernment is constantly put to the test.
Ultimately, the ARSENECA Laboratory is a challenge. It questions our relationship to truth and fiction in the digital age. With metamorphesis, Arseneca challenges us: what if this false science one day becomes real? Where would then be the border between the real and the unreal? In this maelstrom of questions, one thing is certain: Arseneca is a phygital artist who, with audacity and genius, redefines the contours of contemporary art.

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