Sculpture invisible Emmanuel Macron


Project to create invisible sculptures. Emmanuel Macron

Ah, emptiness, nothingness, nothingness — notions that stimulate the imagination so much and yet we know well that emptiness, in the strict sense, is a fiction. Even the “vacuum” is in reality a boiling of quantum energies, a terrain of uncertainties and potentialities. It is this paradoxical richness of “nothing” that pushed me to design a work that is unusual to say the least: an invisible sculpture dedicated to Emmanuel Macron during his inauguration.

This creation is the first invisible sculpture to be installed in a public space. It is not just an absence of matter, but rather an invisible presence, just like the quantum field which fills what we too easily qualify as a “vacuum”. In a world where everything is increasingly exposed, measured and quantified, this work encourages us to reflect on what is undetectable, unfathomable, or even non-existent in the eyes of the general public. Arsen Eca

In a bold mix of art, public space and political commentary, artist Arsen Eca has installed an invisible sculpture of former President Emmanuel Macron in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. Installed on the day of Macron’s inauguration on May 7, 2017, this unique work of art challenges our perception of visibility, representation and reality.
In a clever twist of technological manipulation, Arsen Eca marked the location of this invisible sculpture on Google Maps, which made it, for a time, one of the most visited places in Paris. This digital recording of the sculpture added an extra layer of intrigue and interaction to the work. Visitors flocked to this place, not to see, but to perceive and engage with the idea of the invisible presence of power.
However, this unconventional use of the digital platform did not last. Google ultimately removed the listing, eliminating the sculpture’s digital footprint but not diminishing its impactful message.
The plaque placed nearby, announcing the existence of the sculpture, reminds us of the fine border between the real and the imaginary, the visible and the invisible. It’s a powerful commentary on the fleeting nature of power, the changing influence of authority in public spaces, and the impact of digital platforms on our perception of reality.
Always pushing the boundaries, Eca’s invisible sculpture not only showcases his capacity for subversion, but also his ability to use the system to provoke thought and challenge the status quo.

Arsen ECA