Oeuvre de l'artiste Arsen Eca


Project to create a system for answering prayers.

I developed the first crypto-prayers, which go beyond simple textual or symbolic representations of prayer. Each crypto-prayer has built-in functionality for granting wishes or invocations. These prayers are implemented in a prayer machine that I designed specifically for this purpose. Additionally, they are accompanied by a 3D film, which is actually a work of art that I created, embodying a prayer wheel. Each rotation of the mill in the machine triggers a granting mechanism, thus adding a practical dimension to the spiritual and aesthetic aspect of the work. Prayers are being answered by my prayer machine.

Arsen ECA

Eca, the subversive artist, presents a revolutionary concept: the EmoChain. It is a fusion of emerging blockchain technology and the power of emotion. The first major project using this concept is the Crypto Prayer EmoChain.
When an individual wants a prayer or wish to be granted, they receive a microchip. This chip captures the electromagnetic radiation generated by prayer or wishing. It is connected by radio frequency to an EmoChain, a poetic and visual representation of the prayer or wish.
The EmoChain is then integrated into the blockchain and is granted by the granting machine. Each EmoChain is unique and handcrafted. Its clockwork mechanism, which turns the star, is constructed and assembled piece by piece, like a luxury watch.
Each time the star makes a complete rotation, the prayer is said by the prayer machine. This creation by Eca combines technology, spirituality and poetry in a unique approach to contemporary art.