Dormeur professionnel


An artist sleeps in your place

I developed this project to offer people the opportunity to rest with a simple click, by agreeing to sleep for them. I have become a professional sleeper, with the constraint of having to sleep exclusively for others and not for myself, which requires a very specific method. Subsequently, I refined the system. I’ve even hired sleepers to generate sleep, which I then capture on a microchip linked to the blockchain. You can now buy packaged sleep in a box or in various other formats Arsen Eca.

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In one of his most intriguing works, the artist Eca took on the task of being a surrogate sleeper. This unique project is an exploration of the concept of surrogate sleep, in which the artist takes on the act of sleeping on behalf of others, whenever they feel the need to sleep. By simply clicking a button on a dedicated platform, anyone can report Eca to sleep on their behalf.
This intriguing concept led Eca to sleep in a plethora of unusual and often public places, from cemeteries to supermarkets. The project’s striking images and surreal quality challenge our perceptions of privacy, personal boundaries, and the sanctity of personal habits like sleep. It’s a bold commentary on the ease of outsourcing our tasks in an increasingly interconnected world, with a bizarre twist that emphasizes the bizarre limits to which this concept can be stretched.
Eca’s role as a surrogate sleeper serves as a playful critique of our always-on, constantly connected society, where even something as personal as sleep can become a task to be delegated. His work asks us once again to consider the systems we live in and how they shape our daily lives.
Dormeur professionnel

Arsen ECA