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A quarter of an hour of glory

there is Andy Warhol’s quarter of an hour of fame, and now there is Arseneca’s “fifteen of an hour of fame plus a minute”. I like to push the limits and always offer a little more. In this project, I give individuals the opportunity to experience glory. At their request, and borrowing the methodology of street artists, I will apply stickers in the street for 16 minutes and sign on their behalf.

For me, this is a criticism of street artists who adopt a quantitative rather than qualitative approach.Arsen Eca

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Arsen Eca’s work often satirizes and challenges common societal constructs. One such piece is his plan to sell “15 Minutes of Fame,” a playful yet incisive commentary on modern celebrity culture and the street art phenomenon. The term “15 Minutes of Fame”, coined by Andy Warhol, refers to the fleeting and transient nature of fame in our contemporary society. Eca uses this concept in the literal sense, offering people the opportunity to buy a quarter of an hour of symbolic fame.

How does he achieve this? By sticking colorful stickers around the city for a quarter of an hour, imitating the method adopted by many street artists. His approach suggests that it is not the quality of the work that matters, but rather its ubiquity or presence. It’s a critique of how we measure value and success today, often determined by visibility and volume rather than substance or merit. Notably, even Laeticia Hallyday in 2018, a renowned figure, requested the services of Eca.

The artist carries out this act of sticking stickers in substitution, adhering to the requests of his clients. In doing so, he not only raises questions about the nature of fame and art, but also demonstrates his ability to subvert systems, highlighting their absurdity and inviting viewers to reconsider their value structures.

Arsen ECA