Un téléphone en haut d'une montagne


Contact Paul urgently, installation at the top of a mountain

My project? Setting up a telephone booth at the top of a mountain, a relay at an altitude of almost 2000 meters to put hikers in contact with Paul. I have climbed this mountain more than forty times, carrying cement and tools to anchor this communications post. We had to anticipate the winter snows which could bury the summit.

As for Paul, his identity remains a mystery. However, who doesn’t have a Paul in their life? I provide instructions on how to contact this enigmatic character and watch as hikers take the line. What if Paul was God? This is a question to ponder. Could this simple act of dialing a number in such an unexpected place be a prayer, a communion, or an act of defiance in the face of the ordinary? You be the judge.

Arsen Eca

Arsen Eca’s work has always been about pushing boundaries, challenging our perceptions and engaging in conversation with the unknown. One of these pieces is a vintage telephone installed at a height of 200 meters, meticulously sealed into a rock at the top of a difficult climbing route. This unconventional installation acts as a beacon of mystery for climbers who reach the summit. They find themselves faced with the opportunity to make a call to someone named Paul.
But who is Paul? It remains a mystery. Paul’s identity is deliberately left ambiguous by Arseneca, allowing the climber’s imagination to fill in the blank. Is Paul a spirit? Is he a God? Could it be an echo of our own subconscious or an embodiment of our deepest desires and fears?
This installation invites climbers to engage in a moment of introspection, in a dialogue with the unknown, after having taken up a physical challenge. It is a tribute to the human desire for connection and understanding, even in the most unexpected circumstances.
Eca’s works, like this one, always contain an element of surprise and provoke thought. They invite us to step out of our comfort zones and inspire us to reflect on the norms that govern our lives, providing an opportunity to engage with deep questions of existence and identity. It is a true reflection of the artist’s mastery in the art of systemic subversion.
Un téléphone en haut d'une montagne

Arsen ECA