Arseneca détourne une oeuvre au musé des Bernardins à Paris


Works by contemporary artists pirated

I was born an artist, but I do not consider myself to belong to the world of artists, nor to the institutionalized artistic system. I think I have some perspective on this environment. Provoke, yes, but always with intention, like when I offered a giant suppository to Anish Kapoor to “save” her “Queen’s Vagina,” vandalized at Versailles. I’m not a fan of art for art’s sake; this is why I sometimes like to “parasite” on the works of other artists, while maintaining a benevolent outlook. My goal is always to push beyond the simple artistic perspective. Too many artists have lost authenticity, sacrificing it on the altar of notoriety. Arsen Eca

Artist Eca is known for his sense of humor and subversive daring, which manifests itself in a series of daring appropriations of contemporary artworks. Taking advantage of his art of systemic subversion, he plays with the elements exhibited, modifies the meaning of the works, even dares to place his own creations among those of other artists.
One of the most striking examples of this bold approach occurred at Collège des Bernardins in Paris. Eca successfully exhibited one of his works by passing it off as that of another artist. This falsely attributed piece was praised before the true identity of its creator was revealed, causing a real earthquake in the world of contemporary art.
Thus, Eca constantly challenges artistic conventions and established systems, deploying his art in unexpected contexts. By destabilizing the established order and injecting humor and surprise into contemporary art, Eca reminds us that art is a realm of freedom and limitless creativity.

Arsen ECA