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The spinning man: A dive into existence and time

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“The Running Man” could well be a self-portrait: a painted man, fashioned from multicolored filaments, who seems to be rushing towards the sky. He is an elusive being. His life, like an ephemeral wave, constantly metamorphoses, and he, the Man Who Spins, is never static. He is constantly evolving, his life goes by just like him.

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Arsen Eca

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Arsen Eca, an avant-garde artist, approaches art with a deeply contemporary and thoughtful lens. His life-size paintings, both striking and evocative, reflect an introspection on the fleeting nature of existence and the concept of time passing. These pieces represent a silhouette of a man, made from threads, seeming to rise towards the sky, like a soul freeing itself from earthly constraints, called “the spinning man”.

The use of thread in his creations is deliberate. It symbolizes the bond, sometimes fragile, sometimes strong, which binds us to life, to others and to our dreams. Like a modern-day Ariadne’s thread, it leads the viewer into a meditation on the passing of time, the rapid pace of life, this sensation that everything “whistles” at dizzying speed. The choice to represent the man life-size reinforces this proximity with the viewer, who can almost feel the movement, the lightness, but also the seriousness of the subject addressed.

Through his works, Eca succeeds in marrying the tangible with the intangible. The man, fixed on the canvas, is both anchored in reality by the materiality of the thread and ethereal, almost unreal, in his ascent towards the sky. This contrast, between the weight of existence and the lightness of flight, questions our own outlook on life, our ambitions, our fears, all against a backdrop of escape from time.

Eca’s work is an invitation. An invitation to reflection, to appreciate the present moment, to contemplate the journey that life represents. Through his paintings, he does not just paint a picture; it tells a story, our story, that of humanity in perpetual movement, seeking its way in the vast universe.

Arsen ECA