An artist of a new generation

Written by Guy Lelong Art Critic

Arsen Eca can be described as an avant-garde artist. He is distinguished by his ability to innovatively merge art and technology, while maintaining a critical and thoughtful perspective on the modern world. For this he created what he calls Phygital Matter.

His artistic approach, characterized by the subversion of norms and the exploration of new forms of expression, the positions himself as a bold creator and deep thinker. Eca embodies the spirit of a phygital artist, using his art to question, provoke and inspire, while remaining firmly anchored in his time and contemporary issues.

Arsen Eca, a Parisian artist who has not died since 1974, followed a university career. However, he approaches art with the soul of an autodidact, moving away from the beaten paths of the traditional artistic world to preserve his authenticity and creative freedom

Arsen Eca, in his discretion, is the mind behind many recognized works such as the first book written in emoticons, the first invisible sculpture, “throwing a stone in the pond”, “looking for a needle in a bunch of hay”, “sell your sleep” “emochain” without forgetting his phygital acrylic paintings on canvas. Although he is the creator, he often prefers not to publicly state their origin. Arsen Eca detaches himself from the quest for notoriety, choosing instead to channel his energy and passion into the very essence of what he cherishes: his art.
This attitude gives him an unwavering authenticity, while offering him the freedom to have fun with your own situation.

À l’aube de l’ère numérique, l’art subit une transformation radicale. Arsen Eca, emblème de cette évolution, sculpte le paysage artistique avec ses Emochain. Bien plus que de simples créations, les Emochain, cette matière phygitale qu’il va lui même créer, incarnent la synergie entre les émotions humaines et la technologie. Ils sont le miroir d’une société en mutation, tissant ensemble héritage artistique et avancée numérique. Pour ceux qui apprécient l’art, posséder une oeuvre de matière phygitale, c’est à la fois embrasser le futur et plonger dans l’essence d’une révolution artistique.

Avec son art, Arsen Eca illustre magistralement l’essence de l’art phygital, une alliance envoûtante entre tangible et digital.

Oeuvre de l'artiste Arsen Eca

NFT Artist

Arseneca creates crypto Café on the blockchain

Eca, the phygital Artist who opposes standards

In the vast panorama of contemporary art, a pioneer stands out for his originality. Arsen Eca, bearer of an avant-garde vision, challenges established norms of creation by infusing his systems, objects, paintings and sculptures with phygital material. By marrying the tangible and the digital, he boldly redefines the contours of artistic expression.

The art of provocation

At the heart of the contemporary artistic landscape, Arsen Eca reveals himself like a phygital star, mysterious and daring. It stands out for the design of non-conformist microsystems that shake up traditional codes. His mastery in the art of automating and standardizing provocative experiences positions him as a one-of-a-kind artist, whose work oscillates between admiration and controversy. Indomitable, Arsen Eca defies conventions, which led him to cross paths with censorship, undergo searches, face tax audits and confront the justice system. Despite these trials, like the phoenix, he is tirelessly reborn, finding new avenues to manifest his art, while adopting always renewed identities.

Oeuvre de l'artiste Arsen Eca

NFT Artist

Arseneca creates intoxication

An Interactive Provocation

Arsen Eca’s work redefines the dynamic between the artist, the work and the viewer. By requesting direct interaction, where a simple click can generate anger, awakening, serenity or even euphoria, he uses technology as a vector of pure and powerful emotions. Each click becomes the spark initiating a phenomenon, like a stone thrown into water, creating ripples of anger. This resolutely modern approach shakes the foundations of conventional art, encouraging each observer to introspect in the face of their own emotional reactions.

Technology as a Tool of Expression:

Art, in its essence, is a changing reflection of the times, and Arsen Eca embodies this contemporary metamorphosis. Merging technology and creativity, it gave birth to a bold innovation: Emochain.
The Emochain is not just a simple work: it is a symbol of the union between art and technology, materializing the emotions generated by the artist through an electronic chip linked to an NFT . It is a bridge between the tangible and the digital, embodying various emotions – from anger to wonder – in a concrete digital format.
The chip, anchored to the baryonic surface, captures the electromagnetic emanation of emotions. This valuable information is then engraved into the blockchain, leaving an indelible mark on the cryptographic world. The result is a unique, lasting and certified piece of digital art.
Emochain pushes the horizons of art, introducing a new dimension that erases the traditional boundaries between the tangible and the intangible. It is not a simple transposition of art into digital, but a digital birth, offering an unprecedented artistic dimension. For Arsen Eca, this symbiosis between art and technology redefines the current artistic landscape, highlighting the infinite field of possibilities for creativity in the digital age.
Oeuvre de l'artiste Arsen Eca

NFT Artist

Arsen Eca uses a machine to create crypto prayers

The Elusive in the Face of Adversity:

Arsen Eca is an indomitable force in the artistic world. Despite confrontations with censorship, notably against titans such as Google, he remains steadfast in his creative quest. His work, both subversive and daring, has often crossed the path of controversy, but never that of defeat. When obstacles arise, Arsen Eca metamorphoses, reborn in other forms, tirelessly pursuing his artistic commitment. His resilience and his ability to change make him an elusive artist, a rare treasure in the artistic panorama, making his discovery all the more captivating.

Oeuvre de l'artiste Arsen Eca

Artiste NFT

Atelier perquisitionné en 2016

Promise and Future:

In a universe where the shine of gold and the sparkle of precious stones have embodied the pinnacle of value, an artist launches a provocative challenge: to suggest that our emotions, vanishing and intangible, hold a treasure of inestimable value, surpassing these materials. A bold, overwhelming proposal, but in perfect harmony with our contemporary digital era.
The instrument of choice of this visionary artist? Emochains, unique art creations sculpted from emotions themselves. Each Emochain is an artistic embodiment of an emotion, immortalized in a distinct NFT. These NFTs, exclusive digital tokens, reside in the blockchain, a technology that is both transparent and tamper-proof, decentralized in essence.
Emochains, by their essence, challenge our conventional paradigms of value. They are not tangible creations, but digital entities. They are not fashioned of gold or encrusted with gems, but are forged of data. However, this data transcends simple digital sequences: it crystallizes human emotions, moments of existence, bursts of passion, tears of sorrow or bursts of happiness. They are the mirror of our experiences, of our emotional essence.
By registering these Emochains in the blockchain, Arsen Eca gives a monetary dimension to our emotions. Their rating does not depend on the heaviness of the gold or the carat of a diamond, but on the intensity and sincerity of the emotion encapsulated. In short, each Emochain carries within itself an inalienable value, an essence that goes beyond the material.
Arsen Eca’s quest transcends the artistic, questioning the very epicenter of value in our civilization. Through his art, he invites us to introspection, to a reconsideration of what is essential, suggesting that our emotions, these ephemeral fragments of our humanity, could surpass any metal or gem.
With his revolutionary perspective, the artist traces a path towards a new era of valorization. Each acquisition of an Emochain is an acquiescence to the power and primacy of our emotions. By immersing ourselves in this artistic odyssey, we are aligning ourselves with a movement that could transform our perception of what is truly precious.
Arsen Eca, the enigmatic artist, constantly redefines the panorama of contemporary art. His bravery in exploiting avant-garde microsystems and his propensity for subversion set him apart, making him an artistic figure who fascinates as much as he intrigues. Despite obstacles and blacklisting, Arsen Eca tirelessly deploys his ingenuity, overturning conventions and provoking an introspection of artistic codes.
His creations, notably the Emochains, are the embodiment of this revolutionary fervor, of this quest for non-conformism. Emochains, these unique NFTs, transcend traditional art to become fragments of history, testifying to the bold and free trajectory of Arsen Eca.
To appropriate an Emochain is to embrace this artistic insurrection, it is to challenge the dogmas of current art. It is also betting on the artistic future, a future that Arsen Eca sculpts with recklessness and passion. Owning an Emochain means not only owning a unique piece of digital art, but also endorsing the vision and audacity of a creator who does not hesitate to shake up established benchmarks.
By introducing yourself to the Emochains collection, you are embarking on an unparalleled artistic journey, adhering to a movement that is revolutionizing our understanding of art at the dawn of digital technology. Arsen Eca’s journey is undeniably captivating, and his Emochains offer everyone the opportunity to be part of this epic. Seize this unique chance: immerse yourself in the mysterious universe of Arsen Eca, collect Emochains, and become the protagonist of this artistic renaissance.