Oeuvre de l'artiste Arsen Eca


Our freedom, we have it in the ass

“Why be interested in an object like the suppository? Because no one is interested in it. It is polysemous, both in its form and in its meaning. I undertook the project of creating suppositories for everything : suppository for friendship, suppository for glory, suppository for courage, etc. The underlying idea is that, in all cases, we lose.

This project challenges us on several levels. He questions our relationship to everyday objects, often neglected or stigmatized, and injects a dose of biting irony. By creating suppositories for abstractions like friendship or glory, the work highlights our often futile desire for quick and easy solutions to complex and nuanced issues. The popular adage “we always have it in our ass” serves here as an anchor for a broader reflection on our quest for immediacy and our propensity to look for shortcuts, even when these can be counterproductive or misleading..

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Arsen Eca

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Arsen Eca, drawing on the timeless wisdom of Georges Braque who affirmed that “the truth exists, we only invent lies,” shapes a daring artistic project around symbolic suppositories. These objects, although seemingly banal, become vehicles for a profound exploration of the dichotomies between truth and illusion, revelation and concealment in the fabric of contemporary society.

Suppositories, in Arsen Eca’s imagination, transcend their daily medicinal function to become instruments of truth in a world obscured by self-generated lies. Each suppository is an embodiment of the quest for truth, a visual critique of the facades that man constructs to mask unalterable reality. They symbolize the dichotomy between the human quest for immediate comfort and the pressing need to confront the truth, which is often difficult to digest.

The essence of this project lies in the materialization of Braque’s quote, where the suppositories serve as a metaphor for the lies we ingest in search of temporary relief, thus masking the truth which, although sometimes bitter, is the only remedy for societal malaise.

Arsen Eca’s suppositories, with their intricacy of shapes, colors and textures, are tangible representations of the lies that society self-administers. They embody the ease with which we are willing to accept illusions for fleeting comfort, while neglecting the truth, which is often more difficult to grasp.

The suppository, through its calming function, symbolizes the reassuring lies we often choose to swallow, ignoring the naked truth that resides just beneath the surface. It is an invitation to look beyond pretense, to seek truth even when it is uncomfortable, and to recognize the need to deconstruct illusions to achieve a deeper and more authentic understanding.

Through this provocative project, Arsen Eca expands the dialogue on the need to discern truth from lies in an age of rampant cover-up. Suppositories, as a metaphor for ingested lies and ignored truths, offer a visceral perspective on how society often chooses the ease of lying over the rigor of truth. They remind us that truth, although often avoided, is the path to deeper understanding and authentic healing in a world searching for true meaning.

Arsen ECA