Everything is interconnected, meant to be preserved for eternity. Each click generates a unique moment, captured in an electronic chip. This chip, physically containing the essence of an emotion, is connected by radio frequency to the blockchain system. This approach aims to safeguard new emotions, which are increasingly ephemeral in our current world. An ‘Emochain’ is the embodiment of this concept: a manually designed object, transcending the digital category to become phygital. It contains, in a tangible way, a specific emotion which is intrinsically linked to it

Arsen Eca

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In the contemporary art landscape, where innovation and experimentation reign supreme, arises the revolutionary concept of ‘Emochains’ by Arsen Eca, skillfully merging technology and emotion, materiality and immateriality. This daring project redefines the boundaries of phygital art, opening new perspectives on the relationship between man, machine and feelings.

‘Emochains’ are not simple objects of art; they are the symbol of a new era where technology is no longer content to reproduce or imitate reality, but becomes a living receptacle of human emotions. Each Emochain is a unique object, shaped by hand, carrying an emotion captured and physically encapsulated in an electronic chip. This approach is both an act of preservation and a rebellion against the ephemerality of feelings in the digital age.

The phygital dimension of ‘Emochains’ reflects a deep understanding of the interactions between the tangible and the intangible. By integrating emotions into a physical object connected to the blockchain, Arsen Eca creates a bridge between the digital world and the physical world, blurring the lines between the two. It’s a poignant metaphor for our times, where our lives are intimately connected to the digital, but where our emotions remain deeply rooted in the physical.

Beyond their technical aspect, ‘Emochains’ are an artistic exploration of human nature. They question the way we feel, perceive and retain our emotions in a world increasingly dominated by the intangible. This approach invites the viewer to reflect on the sustainability of our feelings in the digital age and on the way in which technology can be used to preserve, or even immortalize, them.

Emochain Courage

Emochain Courage is an Emochain created from a click symbolizing courage. It contains temporality and locality, as well as the associated Moment

Arsen Eca