An artist of a new generation

Written by Guy Lelong Art Critic

Artist not deceased since 1974
Eca, a revolutionary artist of our time, defines himself as a Subvertist, a master of systemic subversion. At the intersection of art, technology, and societal structures, Arseneca’s art of systemic subversion aims to disrupt, divert, and transform the social, moral, and physical systems that structure our world.
In a context where our societies are immersed in an ocean of systems and algorithms, where everything becomes smooth and accessible with a simple click, Eca uses systemic subversion as a tool for contestation and
questioning. By twisting and deviating the established systems, he manages to
create a new poetry, to give a new form to existing systems, thus giving rise to a new standardization.
Eca’s artistic practice, a clever mix of painting, sculpture, and digital art, serves as a visual representation of the systems he interrogates. His artistic creations are not mere objects to behold, they are an active participation in systemic subversion. Through interaction with his art, the audience becomes producers, thus creating unprecedented and unforeseen results.
His public space installations perfectly illustrate this dynamic. By placing his art at the heart of daily life, he invites everyone to confront the systems that structure our world, encouraging them to see them from a new angle.
Eca’s art of systemic subversion is more than a mere artistic gesture, it’s a veritable movement of resistance and reflection on our contemporary world.

Discover the innovative and daring work of Arsen ECA, a visionary phygital artist of the new generation. Through its automated deviant micro systems, Arsen ECA explores the frontiers of art by capturing and amplifying emotions human. Immerse yourself in an interactive artistic universe, where technology blends seamlessly with artistic expression, creating unique experiences and provoking deep thought. Follow Arsen ECA closely to discover its exploration of the ephemeral, emotional immortality and engagement with the public. An unforgettable artistic experience awaits.

Oeuvre de l'artiste Arsen Eca

NFT Artist

Arsen Eca creates Crypto Café

The Visionary phygital Artist Who Challenges Convention

In the ever-changing world of contemporary art, an artist emerges with a bold vision and an innovative approach. Arsen ECA, a provocative artist, explores the frontiers of art by creating automated deviant micro systems that capture and amplify human emotions. In this article, we invite you to discover why Arsen ECA is considered an artist to follow closely and why he arouses so much enthusiasm and fascination.

The art of provocation

Eca, an enigmatic and daring phygital artist, established himself on the art scene by creating deviant micro systems that defy established norms. His ability to automate and normalize provocative experiences makes him an artist in his own right, whose work commands admiration and controversy. Eca is not afraid to challenge the system, and this resistance has earned it unexpected encounters with censorship, searches, tax audits and lawsuits. Yet, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, he constantly finds new ways to express his artistic vision under changing identities.

Oeuvre de l'artiste Arsen Eca

NFT Artist

Eca creates drunkenness

An Interactive Challenge

Eca’s work pushes the boundaries of interaction between art and the viewer. By inspiring people to click to create anger, intelligence, sleep, drunkenness or other micro systems, from home, the artist uses technology to generate raw and intense emotions. The simple act of clicking becomes the trigger for a chain reaction, where for example a cobblestone is symbolically thrown into the pond to provoke anger. This interactive experience challenges the conventions of traditional art and prompts viewers to question their own emotional response.

Technology as a Tool of Expression:

Eca skillfully leverages technology to bring its ideas to life. Thanks to an electronic chip connected to an NFT (what he calls an emochain) the artist captures and immortalizes the emotions generated by his creations. The electromagnetic radiation captured on the baryonic surface of the chip is thusintegrated into the blockchain, providing an indelible trace of physical anger, intelligence sleep, beauty or more. This fusion of art and technology pushes the boundaries of creativity and opens new perspectives for artistic expression.

Oeuvre de l'artiste Arsen Eca

Phygital art

Eca uses a machine to create crypto prayers

The Elusive in the Face of Adversity:

Eca is an artist undeterred by obstacles.His subversive work and provocative has faced forms of censorship, notably from giants like Google. Despite these obstacles, the artist continues to reinvent himself, reborn from his ashes under new identities and continues his challenging work. This tenacity and ability to adapt makes Eca an artist that is elusive, hard to find and even more captivating.

Oeuvre de l'artiste Arsen Eca

Phygital Art

Workshop raided in 2016

Promise and Future:

Eca is without a doubtan artist to follow closely. His uncompromising creativity, daring and willingness to challenge established norms place him at the forefront of the contemporary art scene. Despite the obstacles encountered, the artist always finds new ways to express his vision and encourage reflection. The way it merges technology, interaction and emotion offers insight into the endless possibilities of art in an ever-changing world.

Eca, the elusive artist, pushes the boundaries of contemporary art with his automated deviant micro systems. His willingness to challenge the system and provoke intense emotions in the audience makes him an artist in his own right, difficult to categorize and impossible to ignore. Despite constraints and censorship, Eca constantly reinvents itself, iprovoking the viewer to question established norms. Undoubtedly, this visionary artist will mark the future of art and deserves to be followed closely.