The Nikon film festival 2024

The Nikon Film Festival 2024, under the evocative theme “Fire”, is a major film competition that promotes innovation and creativity in the field of short filmmaking. Participants are invited to express their artistic vision through a 2:20 minute work, thus reflecting a personal interpretation of the proposed theme while respecting a precise time frame.

The presidency of the jury for the 2024 edition is ensured by Quentin Dupieux, filmmaker, screenwriter and composer, whose work is distinguished by its mystical and captivating character. He is supported by an assembly of emblematic figures from the audiovisual sector, bringing their expertise and critical perspective to the promotion of artistic creation.

The film presented at the festival

When throwing a stone into the pond becomes a symbolic act

“Revolution” is a film that takes a familiar expression to materialize it in a literal and visual way. By embodying the gesture of throwing a stone into the pond, the film becomes a living metaphor for protest and the desire for change. It invites reflection on the impact of individual actions in the collective and on the way in which a simple act can cause shock waves in society. It is a work that challenges the viewer with its direct approach and strong symbolism, while playing with irony and the absurd to question conventions and encourage reflection.

The film “Revolution” takes the opposite view of abstraction to anchor the revolt in concreteness. Here, throwing a stone into the pond is not just a simple call to action; it is the action itself. With a touch of irony and a pinch of absurdity, the film depicts a protagonist who, armed with a Parisian paving stone, engages in an act of poetic defiance.


An orphan film, without category.

For the artist Arsen Eca, the film “Revolution” transcends conventional categories. The absence of an “Arthouse” category within the festival is problematic but for him reflects the evolution of our society. “Revolution” is not just a film; it is a window open to the daily life of the artist, a practice consisting of throwing paving stones into the pond. This action is not a hobby; it constitutes the very essence of his profession. Arsen Eca responds to an existing call for change, while integrating the mutations of our contemporary society, often perceived as uniform and polite, to offer a service with a simple click: that of causing a shock wave in the quiet pool of the established order.

A deliberately slow film

For him, the antithesis of slowness in our busy world is a means of calm. The protagonist advances slowly through a forest, holding tightly to a Parisian pavement. With each step, he gets closer to a pond, despite the biting cold which burns his hands, so icy is the granite pavement.

Production and technical means

For director and producer Arsen Eca, the essence of a film lies in its ability to capture spontaneity and faithfully reflect human ideas and emotions, without resorting to unnecessary artifice. He advocates authentic and sincere cinema, even if it can sometimes be perceived as boring or lacking in spectacularity. It is an approach that values the content and the message beyond the form.

For Arsen Eca, the meticulous selection of the filming location and decor takes precedence over the technical complexity of the shot. He favors waiting for the right moment, a cold and foggy atmosphere, to create a striking contrast with the ardor and passion of the imminent revolution. It is in this environment that the film comes to life, capturing the essence of spontaneity and authenticity sought by the director.

Director’s words

I hope that my film will resonate with the audience at the Nikon Film Festival 2024. I expect that it will confuse some viewers, who will question its meaning or find it irrelevant. However, I also hope that it will bring a smile to those who see a glimpse of my daily life through it. Negative criticism, in my eyes, is as valuable as praise; they are the reflection of a work that provokes a reaction.
Happy festival to all participants!
Arsen Eca

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