Contrôle fiscal


Tax audit, sculpture in epoxy resin and tax paper

During my first year of activity as a painter, I was the subject of a tax audit, in particular because I sold “Nothing” without having declared VAT. The amount of paperwork generated was such that I wanted to recycle this tax audit into a work of art. I then took the initiative of writing to the tax administration to offer them an unusual partnership: deliberately requesting a new tax audit with the aim of creating a sculpture. This would be designed in epoxy resin and constructed from paper documents generated during the tax audit.

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Arsen Eca

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Artist Arsen Eca creates distinctive sculptures using documents from tax audits of individuals and businesses. This unique approach marks a striking encounter between art and bureaucratic realities, perfectly illustrating his practice of systemic subversion
These sculptures are represented as figures buried under an avalanche of authentic tax documents, symbolizing the weight of taxation and the complexity of administration which weigh on individuals and businesses. This is Eca’s way of materializing these invisible obstacles, removing them from professional secrecy and exposing them to broad daylight.
The artist initiated this series from his own tax audit, creating a piece that is both a personal protest and a social commentary. He then expanded his project to other tax audits, continuing to twist and bend this rigid system to create poignant and disturbing works of art. Each sculpture then becomes a form of artistic resistance, a cry against the paralysis caused by bureaucracy.
Contrôle fiscal

Arsen ECA