Oeuvre de l'artiste Arsen Eca


Living Sculptures

“The term “living sculpture” is not entirely appropriate, although in certain aspects, my sculptures have multiple souls. A bit like my “Spinning Men”, I I created works composed of materials with a real existence, like hangers that personalities gave me to build my sculpture “Cintres Vie”. Furthermore, I create interactions with the public, like online confessions, which I combined with stones to create another sculpture.

This approach complicates our traditional understanding of what a sculpture is. It is not simply a static object, but a dynamic set of elements and experiences that evolve based on interactions and contributions. The materials themselves carry meanings and stories that enrich the work, thus giving it a kind of multiplicity of souls.

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Arsen Eca

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Arsen Eca, the subtle phygital artist, navigates the heart of an artistic approach that gives pride of place to the intrinsic memory of everyday objects. His workshop, similar to an alcove where time pauses, shelters a silent dialogue between the tangible and the digital. Eca’s sculptures, far from being simple material representations, reflect a quest for emotional memory, stories inscribed in the flesh of the banal.

One of Eca’s projects, imbued with discreet poetry, materializes through the reception of hangers, sent by personalities following a special communication operation orchestrated by the artist. These hangers, everyday objects with familiar curves, become under his hands the protagonists of a silent story, the guardians of a personal and collective history. Each hanger, carrying the aura of its sender, is transformed under the aegis of Eca into a sculpture which transcends its original function to become a fragment of a larger narrative.

In another vein, Eca explores the digital confession of sins confessed online by personalities. He chooses stones, numbers them and assembles them with almost liturgical meticulousness. Each stone, once engraved with the number corresponding to a confession, becomes the material symbol of an immaterial act. The final assembly, like a silent choir, testifies to human vulnerability in the digital age. The sculpture, beyond its form, is the mirror of a society where the private and the public intertwine their shadows and their lights.

Eca’s work is not a simple celebration of aesthetics, it is an invitation to reflection, to the contemplation of collective and individual memory. His works are modern palimpsests, where each layer reveals a facet of the human experience. Everyday objects, losing their banality, acquire a poetic and narrative dimension under his artistic touch.

The phygital artist, by exploring the latent memory of objects and bringing it to light, asks fundamental questions about the nature of memory, identity and human expression in an increasingly publicized. His sculptures are bridges between the past and the present, between the intimate and the collective, and invite the viewer to introspection, to reflection on the indelible mark left by emotions and experiences in the fabric of everyday life.

Eca’s approach, all gentle and deep, resonates like a nostalgic melody in the tumult of the digital age, reminding us that behind each object, each digital confession, the vibrant human heart beats.

Oeuvre de l'artiste Arsen Eca

Arsen ECA