En 2005 Arseneca écrit le premier roman en emoticon


First book written in emoticon, the universal book

“This project comes from the idea of putting into practice the principle of superposition of states at the quantum scale. I wanted to create a book accessible to everyone, whatever their culture or language, all while leaving great freedom of interpretation. To do this, I wrote the first novel based on emotions.

This innovative approach is inspired by the principles of quantum physics to question the way we approach literature and language. By basing a novel on emotions rather than words, the work transcends linguistic and cultural barriers. It becomes a universal text, capable of speaking to humanity as a whole.

Arsen Eca

Artist Arsen Eca is recognized not only for his innovative systemic subversion, but also for his unique literary contributions and his commitment to creating solutions that improve the lives of others. In 2005, he revolutionized conventional writing standards with the publication of his groundbreaking novel, written entirely in emoticons. This book, which tells the poignant story of a plane crash survivor through a series of carefully chosen emoticons, laid the foundations for an even more ambitious and socially significant project.
Driven by the desire to turn art into action, Eca leveraged his experience with emoticons to developing a support system for a young girl with disabilities . This emoticon-based system allowed the little girl to communicate more effectively with the world around her. In recognition of this remarkable innovation, Eca received the top prize at Maker Faire in the United States.
Thus, Eca’s systemic subversion is not limited to art for art’s sake. It extends to creating systems that tangibly change people’s lives, proving that art can be a powerful vehicle for social change. The creation of this emoticon-based support system is a striking example of Eca’s ability to subvert existing systems to create new forms of expression and interaction.

Arsen ECA