Distributeur arrêt maladie


Work stop distributor

I designed sick leave dispensers, filled with real medical certificates already pre-filled and signed by a doctor. For the modest sum of two euros, you can grant yourself medical leave. I have positioned these dispensers in medical offices and at the entrances of various businesses. This initiative led to a small search of my workshop by inspectors. Ah, the risks of art in the service of civil disobedience!Arsen Eca

The artist Arsen Eca, always faithful to his practice of systemic subversion, dared to subvert the French health system. He proposed pre-filled sick leave forms, ready to send to Social Security, that could be collected from vending machines. In this process, even the type of illness has been chosen for you, making the artist a true mediator between the individual and the administrative machine.
This bold initiative highlighted, with irony, the absurdities and rigidities of the system. However, it did not fail to attract the attention of the authorities. As a result, Eca had his workshop raided and was placed under surveillance. Far from discouraging him, these events reaffirmed his desire to denounce and deviate from the systems that govern our lives. His artistic approach goes beyond creation; it invites critical reflection on our society.
Distributeur arrêt travail